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Embark on a transformative journey with Travel Planners 4 U as we partner with The Bible Comes to Life Travel and Education Center, located in Israel. We're passionate about making the Holy Land accessible to everyone, working closely with pastors, group leaders, organizations, and individuals to meticulously plan, promote, and execute their pilgrimage. Our customized tours ensure each trip is uniquely tailored to your preferences. While our dedicated team in the USA provides top-notch service, our partners in Israel, led by Omer Eshel, CEO of The Bible Comes to Life Travel and Education Center, are committed to immersing you in a profound study of the Bible and its connection to this sacred land. Experience the profound truth of the Bible firsthand - a journey where faith truly comes alive!


Step into the pages of scripture with Travel Planners 4 U's upcoming Bible Study Tours. As you traverse the Holy Land, holding your Bible in hand, the sacred sites and stories described in scripture come to vivid life. Gain a deeper understanding of the cultural, historical, geographical, and scriptural significance of each location, enriching your spiritual journey in profound ways. Our travelers often return with newfound insights and a deeper appreciation for the profound statement: "The Bible Comes to Life in Israel."

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