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Travel Experiences


Culture Experiences


 If you are looking for a spiritual connection with the Holy lands of Israel, Greece, Turkey - We excel in tours and travel to Asia Minor and Bible related countries. That's where our business started! We have lots of trips planned and jumping in an existing group is the most affordable way to see it all and do it all! 



You don't have to be a romantic to visit the white sands of islands spread around the world. If beaches aren't your thing, maybe snowcapped mountains and ski slopes are more you style. Whatever makes your heart go pitty-pat can be arranged. 

Cruise Lovers


 Cruises are a popular, all-inclusive way to include  families, couples or large groups of family and friends. They offer a variety of activities, excursions and on-board entertainment. Check out our complete list to find what fits you best.


Traveling alone? No problem! We have partnered with several companies who offer special deals for the solo traveler. Domestic, international, exotic, cruise or adventurer, we can help you plan a trip that will delight you as you discover not only a special place, but also the uniqueness of YOU!



Hang-gliding, zip-lining, scuba diving, safari seeking, mountain climbing, camel riding, river rafting or whatever thrill you want to experience, let us help you find what gets your heart pounding and your go-pro focused so you don't miss a beat. Call us for a specialized trip!



Are you looking to fill your shopping bag with a variety of goodies from all over?  Why not let us customize the best places in the USA to Shop Till You Drop! Fill out our Trip Customization Form and we will help  you make the buys that best fit what you are seeking.

Relaxation Seekers


Maybe a getaway in the mountains, or a relaxing beach front is calling your name. If your desire is  complete pampering, maybe a resort/spa is just what you need. From all inclusive, adults only or family friendly venues, we can find your perfect Relaxation Vacation.

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