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Because anything can happen, we encourage you to prepare for unexpected circumstances that may impact your ability to travel after you have registered and paid for this journey. When the unforeseeable becomes reality, travel insurance is the most effective means of protecting your investment and we require that you purchase this coverage. Travel insurance can provide coverage protection for you and your belongings. If you choose not to purchase travel insurance, we will not be responsible for loss incurred outside of the parameters identified in the Tour Terms and Conditions.

When to Purchase Travel Insurance:

To avoid time sensitive coverage restrictions, it is recommended to purchase your travel insurance policy when you register for your trip and make your deposit.  Most insurance policies contain time sensitive restrictions that vary by state (typically 20 days or less from deposit payment).  Purchasing within the time sensitive period expands coverage (example: pre-existing conditions waiver) and allows you to qualify for the optional "Cancel for Any Reason" benefit.


Finding the Best Travel Insurance:

There are many reputable insurance agencies. In an effort to fully protect your investment, we recommend that you do your research before making your purchase.  The Consumer Advocate Organization provides reviews and comparisons to assist you with this important decision.

Obtain Online Quote from TravelSafe NOW:

Since 1971, TravelSafe Insurance has been crafting industry-leading travel protection plans for travelers.  Click on the TravelSafe Insurance logo below to obtain a quote now.

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